June 21, 2008


A little before two o'clock today I wandered out, briefly, into the Plaza del Mercado, and looked across it, distracted by a bright patch of green in a corner. Behind the building on the lefthand corner, where the road comes through, there's a tree, in a courtyard at the back of the building which houses the magistrates' courts. There is a wall, the top of which blocks one's view of the tree below its higher branches, and on the left, as I looked it, the ends of those branches went behind another wall - on the right, they were truncated by the building in the Plaza and thus the patch of green appeared essentially as a square, attached to the Plaza building about fifteen feet above the ground. And seeing this illusion, in the heat of an Aragón June during the mediodía, I thought, for a moment, that the patch of green that I was looking at was, in fact, a pub sign.


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