February 29, 2008

Hand signal

We were trying to siesta at about two this afternoon when my mobile bleeped, announcing an incoming text. This intrigued me for a second or two, since the only person who ever texts me is R, save people replying to my texts. But I haven't sent any for some while, so who could it be? The excitement abated when I realised it must be Vodaphone advertising something, which outcome I predicted to R, before picking up the mobile from my bedside cabinet and revealing that it was, indeed, a promotion from Vodaphone.

"Did you know it wasn't from me?" asked R. I did, I said. So R - having recently discovered that there are different ringtones for incoming calls depending on whether or not the number is in my address book - asked if that was how I knew. "Was it because of the tone?"

"No", I said. "I knew it wasn't you texting me because your hand was in mine."


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