December 20, 2004

You'll never eat lunch in this town again

According to the Standard, following the revelation of her affair with Simon Hoggart, Kimberly Quinn has lost her friends and "may be forced to quit London".

How would that work, I wonder?

Would it be like Ving Rhames telling Bruce Willis that he'd "lost his LA privileges"?

Or like Eric Ackroyd, exiled to London for accidentally allowing fresh air into the Grindley smokeworks?

Or like the Emperor Augustus banishing Ovid to the province of Pontus?

Or does it just rest on some definition of "London" that refers solely to people who live in Islington, work in Westminster and eat at restaurants in Chelsea and Soho?


At December 21, 2004 11:32 am, Blogger Jonathan M. G. Bryant said...

Perhaps she may have to leave London because she's running out of people to shag?


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