December 08, 2004

Bringing the house down

The Standard yesterday, commenting on the job cuts at the BBC:

The job losses, totalling 7000, are likely to depress further the stagnant property market.

[this wasn't an afterthought, by the way. This was their main comment, in the third paragraph of a front-page story.]


At December 09, 2004 4:45 pm, Blogger Jonathan M. G. Bryant said...

The Standard knows it's readership and what they care about.

London's Evening Standard is a filthy squalid rag prone to advertising itself with billboards such as:-

"Children in coach death crash horror - pictures"

and no I didn't make that up - it's a genuine billboard from the 90s.

Jeremy Hardy once said of Daily Mail/Express (I can't remember which but it scarcely matters does it?) readers:-

Sun readers know their paper is shit with tits and don't care. The problem with people who read the Daily Mail/Express is they think they're reading a proper newspaper.

The same is true of those who buy the Evening Standard.


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