November 09, 2004

Walls have fears

Michael Howard probably has a fan round my way. There's an alleyway out the back, leading to the shops and the place where the shooting was two years ago. It's mostly used for parking cars left at the repair shop out the back, sometimes used by the local cats as a battleground, and occasionally - though not remotely as often as some of the residents claim - used for the sale and/or ingestion of drugs vended by the blokes who hang around outside the shops.

These activities, however frequent or infrequent, have clearly pushed somebody, whether a local resident or someone else, some distance over the edge, judging by the huge whitewashed graffiti that has appeared on one of the alleyway's walls. I've never seen a graffiti more politely phrased or more violent in intent, let alone both at the same time:


Mmm. I do trust that people who write graffiti will be exempted from the slaughter.


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