February 01, 2006

Lightning does not strike twice

I found a fiver on the way to the pub last night. On the pavement, right in the middle of the pavement as it happens, practically standing on edge asking to be picked up. Fresh, perhaps fresh from the cashpoint at the crossroads of which the pub constitutes one quarter and the cashpoint another: straight but curved, straight up but curved along its length, as though it had been folded but not for long enough to be reconciled to it. I pocketed it: I looked around to see if anybody had dropped it and I even looked around for the cameras in case it was a stunt for television. But it was dark, and half-past ten. I doubt a fiver coud have been there since it was light.

Even in London, five pounds will buy you a couple of pints, which was as much as I had in mind. I walked to the bar, to order the first of these two, and as I did so I saw a pound coin on the floor. Unbelievable. This was my evening! That would pay for peanuts and crisps as well. I ordered my pint and slid my boot gently over the coin before dropping to the floor to pick it up under the guise of doing up my laces.

The coin had been glued to the floor.


At February 01, 2006 1:43 pm, Anonymous ATP said...

What amount of money would you not think it worthwhile to pick up?
I don't bother with 5ps anymore.

Hey, give that £1 a good kick when you see it next. Bet it will come up and you'll be able to get your peanuts and crisps!

At February 02, 2006 12:00 pm, Blogger Tom Chivers said...

I wonder if there's a chess player out there who on their way home lost a fiver last night?!

At February 02, 2006 10:22 pm, Anonymous Sean said...

I found ten pence lying by the bus stop near to my house in Hull yesterday. I did have to perform an agile scoop down to retrieve the coin, and there was a bus bearing down on me, but - hey - ten pence is ten pence and I need all I can get.

At February 08, 2006 8:39 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this German joke now polically correct?
Wie macht man den Kupferdraht?
Man stellt einen Pfennig am Boden ein, und fragt zwei Nederlander den Pfennig zusammen zu aufziehen.


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