September 11, 2004

Green Wing

Green Wing would be funny enough even if I didn't work in a medical library. As it is, it has roughly the same effect on me that Father Ted has on anybody who was brought up a Catholic. I should know this, because I was brought up a Catholic.

Green Wing doesn't have old priests. It has young doctors who love themselves. We have more than a few of those at the library. Young doctors who love themselves, young junior doctors who love themselves and young trainee doctors who love themselves. (I'll save up the consultants for a separate denunciation.)

When I started working in libraries my biggest enemy was the mobile phone. But however much I hate the mobile phone, I don't hate it as much as I hate arrogant young trainee doctors using their mobile phones. They've taken over at the top. They're my Library Hate Figure Number One.

Mobile phones are Number Three.


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