July 31, 2004

Growing old at 39

Yesterday, I managed to put together the following sequence:

1. I went to the local shop for fruit juice, and came back with a pint of milk.
2. I put a spoonful of coffee into a mug containing cold water.
3. I asked for a ticket to a Zone 3 Underground station, and found that the station I wanted was in Zone 4.
4. I also got the wrong line (Piccadilly, not Northern).
5. I meant to take my radio with me and forgot. (This at least is better than the recent occasion when I went to Coventry for a weekend and forgot to pack any clothes.)
6. I arrived at a cricket match and couldn't understand why somebody was there wearing a Kent shirt. After a while I remembered that I had come to see Middlesex play Kent.
7. I came home and put on the oven, then forgot to put my pizza in there.

I also posted this earlier today writing match as manage.

If there's anything else I forgot, misplaced, misremembered or did wrong, I'm yet to find out about it. But if you're as old as you feel, yesterday I felt about ninety.